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Illuminating a Pathway to Freedom through Reconnection to You & Your Wellbeing.


                   Your journey begins with just one step.....

Welcome to CaLuminosa!

Hi, I'm Paula

I believe that you have found me for a reason because you know you want to make changes to your life but don't know how or where to start.

Or perhaps you are seeking someone to provide a safe space to listen, so you feel heard.

Well, that's exactly what I'm here for!

It's my passion in life & my soul purpose, to be a lighthouse for those who want more for their life, your soul luminary....a guiding light for your soul.

To help you find freedom through reconnection to YOU, Your Own Inner Guidance &  Your Wellbeing as a Whole Being!

Are you are longing to live a more JoyFull & SoulFull Life with Confidence & Courage?

Are you wanting to make changes to your life but are not sure what, how or where to start?

Right now, you may not have all the answers to those questions, you may not yet know exactly how you want your life to look & feel.

But that's okay!

Because I'm here to walk beside you on that journey.

It's my role to Illuminate Your Pathway & help you find those answers, figure out what is keeping you stuck, help you take steps to make changes & move forward.

I'm here to guide & support you, to help you to rediscover all the amazing things that light you up.

So, you can reconnect to your own unique inner navigation system that can guide you through life. 

To support you in rediscovering the unique and wonderful person that you may have lost sight of but I believe that YOU ALREADY ARE INSIDE!!

Because you actually have all the answers inside of YOU!

I believe that in bringing you back to the very essence of YOU, reconnecting you with your own heart & soul, you can access that inner wisdom. This enables you to begin to undertand yourself & what comes next for your life. It allows you tap into your courage to take those bold steps, make those changes & actualise your dreams.

The reality is, that in order to live a Full Life, in order to truly Heal, it's necessary to understand & heal YOU as a Whole Being!

There are 4 Pillars to This:

  • Physical Self,
  • Mindset,
  • Emotional Self
  • Spiritual Self.

When attention is focused on ALL these 4 elements, we truly reconnect back to us, we heal us as a whole person.

And by choosing to committ to this healing, daily practices that feed your soul & your ongoing growth, your life can be Expansive, Abundant & Successful.

You can live a JoyFull & SoulFull life that sets You Free!

And I believe that we are all ever evolving, growing & expanding as we walk this path through life!

I'm dedicated & committed to my ongoing learning & growth because in doing so, that allows me to support your growth too.

So, are you ready to embark on your own personal journey?

Are you ready to take the first step to transforming your life to one of Confidence, Courage, Wellbeing & Freedom?

If the answer is "Yes!" then let's begin!

Click the Contact link below to arrange a Free No Obligation chat via Zoom, to take the first step on your journey, to the life you Desire, Dream of & Deserve!

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