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Illuminating a Pathway Home to You,

     Your Wellbeing, Happiness & Freedom,

          Through Reconnection to Body, Mind & Soul






            Your journey begins with just one step.....

Welcome to CaLuminosa!

Hi, I'm Paula

I'm an Intuitive Life & Wellness Coach/Counsellor & Reiki Master.

I'm here to illuminate a pathway back home to you, to your health & wellbeing, to your happiness & to a greater sense of personal freedom.

And to provide you with guidance & support for your journey through life.

I believe that you have found me for a reason!

Are you feeling lost & stuck in life?

Are you wanting to make sense of your thoughts & feelings?

Are you longing to rediscover you, your sense of self, sense of worth, sense of purpose?

Is it your dream to have a healthy mind & body?

Do you long to be heard, to feel seen & valued?

Do you want to make changes to your life? 

Do you have goals & dreams but are unsure how to achieve them?

Or perhaps are you seeking someone to provide a safe space to listen, without judgement, so you feel heard?

It may be none, one, some or even all of the above but you really don't know how or where to start.

Well, that's exactly what I'm here for

It's my passion in life & my soul purpose to...

  • Help you better understand you,
  • Take control of your wellbeing as a whole person,
  •  Find the clarity you're seeking,
  • Identify what may be keeping you stuck,
  • Tap into your courage & confidence
  • Support you on making the changes you need to move forward, 
  • To walk beside you, illuminating your pathway, one step at a time.
  • To be the light that guides you home, back to YOU, to Your Own Inner Guidance System, Your Sense of Self & to Your Freedom!

Right now, you may not yet know exactly how you want your life to look & feel.

But that's okay!

Because I'm here to help you explore what that means for you.

It's important to stress that each session will be tailored to your individual needs.

Here are ways in which I support you:

  • Listening therapy, so you may talk freely about your thoughts & feelings in a safe space, without judgement & I simply listen.

  • Talking therapy, which can be varied dependent on how deeply you may want to explore those thoughts & feelings.

Here, there is scope to uncover past conditioning & belief systems from childhood into adulthood. These form patterns of behaviour that may be influencing your situation/health. And, by identifying these, we are able to then recode those mindsets & formulate new thoughts & habits to support your wellbeing.

All within a safe space so that your body feels secure to address these issues & make the changes.....because change can be scary!

So, my primary role is to ensure that you feel supported at all times through this process.

I also use question prompts & accountability tasks, for you to work through in your own time, to help you further explore your thoughts, feelings & needs.

These then serve as a useful tool for our next session.

Being a  Reiki Master, I may also use Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Meditation & Affirmations to support this process, with your consent.

* Please note that this is an important part of my therapy work, so please let me know if you feel unsure about this element & we can discuss it in advance of any sessions.

When we are navigating challenging heath & life situations, it's easy to lose a sense of joy.

So, I'm also here to help you to rediscover all the amazing things that light you up!

To reconnect you with your sense of fun & adventure, with what makes your heart full.

My approach is to reconnect you, to your body, mind & soul, to ALL of you & to your own unique inner navigation system, that you can then tap into anytime, to guide you through life moving forward.

I am not a medical professional, relationship/couples counsellor or qualified for more complex gender/sexual identity issues, so please seek out support specific to those needs.

My role is to support you in rediscovering the unique and wonderful person that you may have lost sight of but I believe that YOU ALREADY ARE INSIDE!!

To help you see that your health/situation does not define you, does not have to control you & to support you to take that power back for YOU.

Because you actually have all the answers inside of you!

I believe that in bringing you back to the very essence of YOU, reconnecting you with your own heart & soul, you can access that inner wisdom. This enables you to begin to undertand yourself, your body & how to nurture & support you.

To rediscover a level of health & happiness, that allows you to live a life beyond the issues holding you back. So, you can decide what comes next for your life.

It allows you tap into your courage to take those bold steps, make those changes & actualise your dreams.

The reality is, that in order to live a Full Life, in order to truly Heal, it's necessary to understand & heal YOU as a Whole Being!

There are 4 Pillars  to Health & Wellness:

  • Physical Self,
  • Mindset,
  • Emotional Self
  • Spiritual Self. (this is not in a religious sense but rather reconnection to the essence of who your are)

When attention is focused on ALL these 4 elements, we truly connect back to us, we heal us as a whole person.

And by choosing to committ to this healing, daily practices that feed your soul & your ongoing growth, your life can be Expansive, Abundant & Successful.

You can live a Healthy, Balanced, JoyFull & SoulFull life that sets You Free!

All that I guide & support you with, is from a soul led place, embodied by myself, my truths that align with my words, feelings & actions on my own unique journey so far. I'm not here to just repeat what I've studied, read, heard. It must resonate with me on a soul level, for me to share my story, my journey, to guide & walk beside  you on yours.

And I believe that we are all ever evolving, growing & expanding as we walk this path through life!

I'm dedicated & committed to my ongoing learning & growth because in doing so, that allows me to support your growth too.

Choosing a Life Coach/Counsellor

There are so many different approaches to health & wellbeing available to you.

You'll find a plethora of life coaches, counsellors, mentors, therapies, strategies etc that it can be difficult to know which is right for you!

I believe that it is only right for you to go with what resonates, if you're feeling drawn to that, even if you may not quite know why, trust that!

The best results come from the work you put in, your committment to your own healing & growth AND by working with someone who's energy feels right for you.

Not just because of qualifications, testimonials, followers or popularity but a person you truly connect with.

It's the energetic exchange between you & your chosen life coach/counsellor that will serve you.

Use your discernment, trust your instinct. take what resonates & leave what doesn't!

I have a special interest in providing guidance & support, for people dealing with the following issues:

  • People living with M.E & all the many challenges that this debilitating illness brings for mind, body & soul.

         ( Also those with Long Covid who may be experiencing M.E like issues )

  • Women with neurodivergent partners, who may be struggling with a lack of emotional reciprocity within the relationship & have a longing to feel seen & heard.

  • Women who are bicurious/bisexual, who are in a heterosexual relationship, who are finding it difficult to understand & accept who they are & to reconcile this in their current situation.

  • Women in Perimenopause/Menopause/Post menopause who are feeling lost, invisible, lacking confidence, purpose & direction in life

The above issues are merely of special interest to me NOT exclusive, so even if they are not relatable to you or your situation, I am still here to guide & support you with whatever you seek help with.

So, if you feel called to seek my guidance & support AND are ready to commit to your healing & growth to embark on your own personal journey...

If you are you ready to take the first step to transforming your life to one of Wellbeing, Confidence, Courage & Freedom...

If your heart is shouting "Yes!" then let's begin!

Click the Contact link below to arrange a FREE, No Obligation chat via Zoom,

to take the first step on your journey, to the life you Desire, Dream of & Deserve!

** Please let me assure you that there will be NO 'Sales Pitch' or pressure to work with me!

I firmly believe that there is no need for me to 'sell' anything to you.

If you feel that this step is right for you then embarking on this journey together will be a natural step for you to take.  

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